Episode #005    
8 February 2022
10 things I did to bring
my 2010 web site back to life

I neglected my visualizations web site, things made thinkable, for too long. Here’s what I did to bring it back to life:

  1. Fixed the aspect ratio
  2. Made it reactive
  3. Embraced SVG
  4. Started a mailing list
  5. Stopped reusing code
  6. Switched to newer fonts
  7. Reduced bloat
  8. Added social meta tags
  9. Started tweeting about it
  10. Quit my jobs

Animating PNG images: Prototype, script.aculo.us and jQuery

Animating SVG: Snap.svg

Web-safe fonts

My go-to fonts: Bellefair and Lato

Self-hosting fonts

Bloatware: jsSocials, Font Awesome and Google Analytics

Meta tags

My Twitter handle: @markjjeffery

Another of my podcasts: The Quit Work Podcast

Compare and contrast my first visualization:

Trillion Dollar Economies (circa 2010, 960px wide)

with my latest:

Rivers of the Atlantic (circa 2022, scalable)

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