Episode #017    
10 May 2022
7 principles of the Open Web Mind

When you start work on an ambitious project, you’re forced to make many foundational decisions.

It’s hard to know the consequences of each and every one of those decisions. Will this decision help the project thrive? Will that decision constrain it?

The solution is to establish the fundamental principles of the project right from the start. That way you can simply ask of any decision: is it consistent with those principles?

That’s what I did when I started work on my most ambitious project, the Open Web Mind.

Here, then, are 7 principles of the Open Web Mind.

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“The Open Web Mind is open‑minded: it’s a place where all thought is allowed”
“The Open Web Mind will always be as messy as any human mind”
“The Open Web Mind embraces messiness: half‑formed ideas, half‑baked thoughts, rough approximations”
“The Open Web Mind isn’t artificial intelligence, it’s human intelligence. It doesn’t think, we do.”