Episode #024    
25 October 2022
Talking web3
Alexandra Arens

Alexandra Arens is host of the Venly Expert Talks podcast, where she releases weekly conversations about all things web3.

I wanted to talk to Alexandra as part of my deep dive into tech podcasting, to help me with where I’m going with this podcast.

We talk about how tech podcasters can differentiate themselves in a crowded space, how video can help with the notorious issue of discoverability, and the strengths and weaknesses of podcasting as a medium for talking about tech.

And we dive into web3: the good, the bad and the scammy.

You can listen to Alexandra every week on the Venly Expert Talks podcast, and you can connect with her on LinkedIn.

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. Tangled Web is about tech, not investment. It’s for information purposes only and you should not base any investment decisions on it. Do your own research.

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