Episode #011    
22 March 2022
Why I’m adopting Packy McCormick’s
Not Boring podcast style

Packy McCormick takes a simple approach to podcasting.

On most episodes of his Not Boring podcast, about web3 and startup strategy, he simply reads his latest newsletter.

This works for me as a listener. I don’t have much time to read. I do have time to listen: while I’m driving, while I’m doing the dishes, while I’m working out.

Simply by reading what he’s written, Packy widens his audience to include me and countless other podcast-first people.

But a wider audience isn’t the only reason I’ve adopted Packy’s podcast style.

Here are some even more compelling reasons:

  • writing helps you think
  • writing helps you talk
  • talking helps you write

You can connect with Packy McCormick on Twitter @packyM, read his writing at notboring.co and find his podcast by searching for Not Boring in your player.

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“If you think you know your thoughts on a topic, try writing them down. You might find that they’re not as clear or as precise as you imagined.”
“Writing your thoughts helps you think your thoughts. It allows you to go over them again and again until they’re well honed, well reasoned and well ordered.”
“Reading what you’ve written on a topic makes for a clear, dense podcast”