Episode #012    
29 March 2022
No‑code meets web3
Doc Williams

Doc Williams’ YouTube channels – Doc Williams and Maker Tech Tools – cover a wide range of just the kind of tech topics that interest me.

I especially wanted to talk to him when I saw that he’d created NFTs called Atom Bomb Bunnies using no-code tools.

No-code meets web3: that’s irresistible!

You can connect with Doc Williams on Twitter @_docwilliams, or on his YouTube channels Doc Williams and Maker Tech Tools, or through his business web site

Doc Williams mentioned:

as well as these people:

and these tools:

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. Tangled Web is about tech, not investment. It’s for information purposes only and you should not base any investment decisions on it. Do your own research.

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“YouTube is so big that as long as you find it interesting and you clearly want to help other people... you will get a following”
Doc Williams
on the Tangled Web podcast
“I was so tired of developers saying it was going to be $100,000... just the astronomical amounts of money to build things”
Doc Williams
on the Tangled Web podcast